Axminster Photography Group

The Horseshoe Trophy

A note from our chairman regarding our group entry into the Horseshoe Competition 2021.

"Well this year’s friendly competition has concluded, the competition was judged by Penny Piddock from Dorchester CC. She commented on the challenges of judging inter club “battles” as the standards are so high.

The entry was split into two groups, Anytime & Post Lockdown (March 23rd 2020)

Congratulations to Mike with his “Merlin at Yeovilton” which was awarded First in the Anytime group. In the Post Lockdown Clive had Highly Commended for “Light at the end of the Tunnel” and Phil’s “Watching the Storm at Porthleven” was Commended, Congratulations both"

Copyright of these images is held by the individual photographers.

Watching the Storm at Porthleven - Phil Hodges aFIAP cPAGB

Merlin at Yeovilton - Mike Parker

Light at the End of the Tunnel - Clive Bareham

Watching the Storm at Porthleven - Phil Hodges aFIAP cPAGB


1. The competition will be known as THE HORSESHOE TROPHY and will be held annually.

2. The competition will be run by each participating club in turn. The organising club will be responsible for arranging the date and time of the event and making all necessary arrangements.

3. Photographic entries must have been taken by members of the participating clubs within the last five years and must not have been previously entered in the competition. No member may represent more than one club.

4. Entries by each club must not exceed five prints (section 1) and five PDI’s (section 2), and must not include more than two entries in each of the sections from any individual member. All entries must comply with the following:

a. Meet the specific subject categories.

b. Print mounts to be a maximum size of 20 ins by 16 ins / 50 cm by 40 cm

c. Prints may be monochrome or colour and of any size within the specified mount dimensions.

d. PDIs not to exceed 1600 pixels wide by 1200 pixels high. sRGB. They should be Jpegs, quality 10 – 12.

5. Prints are to be titled on the back and all entries must be identified by category and title of image (with other earlier labels removed) suitably mounted and with no visible adhesive material on any exposed suface.

6. Entries and a list of titles and authors must be handed to the representative of the organising club at the Pre Competition meeting.

7. The organising club will appoint one of its members as steward to prepare a confidential list of entries and allocate to each a random number and club identification letter.

8. The organising club will arrange for an independent judge and be responsible for the delivery of the entries to the judge with a copy of the competition rules.

9. The entries will be presented strictly in order of the list. In each of the subject categories the judge will place the entries in the order of his or her preference.

10. The judge's decision is final.

11. Two markers, one from the previous and one from the next organising clubs, will be responsible for recording the order of the entries in the various categories. They will apply points to each entry in relation to its position within its category with the first place entry receiving the highest mark. The club obtaining the highest total of marks, combining both sections, shall be adjudged the winner. In the event of a tie in totals the trophy shall be awarded to the club with the greatest number of first places. The markers will sign the score sheets.

12. At the end of the judging the score sheets will be handed to the steward, who will identify each club's marks. The host club will announce the placings in reverse order.

13. The judge will announce his/her selections for the best print of the evening in section 1 and best PDI in section 2. The authors will be invited to comment on their entries if they wish to do so.

14. The judge will present the Trophy to the winning club who will hold it until the next competition.

15. Competition expenses will be shared equally between the participating clubs.


January 2019