Axminster Photography Group




 Cloakham Lawn Sports Centre, Outdoor Bowls Club House,Chard Road, Axminster EX13 5HW

Meetings are held every other Tuesday at 19.30 hrs (unless otherwise specified in the programme)


Chairman:                        Clive Bareham

Secretary:                        Jeremy Trew

Treasurer:                        Ian Crawford

Programme secretary:   Paul Frisby

Membership Secretary:  Barbara Nevitt

Exhibition Secretary:      Aidan Winder

Webmanager:                  Rachael Whitbread

Other members:              Patricia Rous, Mike Parker

The provision of tea, coffee, milk & biscuits is on a rota basis. If you are unable to attend the meeting when your name is on the rota, please make arrangements to change with someone else. The first name to provide milk, the second to provide biscuits.


29th May (Phil/Barbara)

Final selection for Axe Vale Show: “That was Winter”, 3 unmounted prints or DPIs

12th June (Ian C/Barrie)

Bring your chosen 3 Axe Vale prints to the meeting, mounted. Members’ exhibition (WCPF) DVD.

23-24th June

Axe Vale Show.

26th June (Chris/Terry)

Analysis and feedback from the Axe Vale Show;  3 images on the theme “Going, Going, Gone!”

10th July

Abbotsbury outside shoot - meet there at 6.30pm.

24th July (Don/Dave)

Anne and Rachael to outline 7 ages of man/woman;  Ann to describe “White on White”;

 bring 3 prints mounted or unmounted to share and discuss with peco Exhibition in mind.

7th August (Jeremy/John F)

A partial portrait, eg, eye, mouth, ear, hand, foot;  human or animal;  three prints/PDIs

21st August (John L/Mike)

7 ages of man or woman, 3 Pdi's. 

4th September (Paul/Patricia)

3 prints or PDIs from outside shoots: Wiscombe Hill Climb, Abbotsbury, Peco,

for final selection – or on any theme if you have none. Further opportunity at a later

date for images taken after the 4th.

13th September (Pam/Rachael)

Peco exhibition - bring prints, framed and mounted (but no glass) to venue.

13th - 23rd September

Peco exhibition: note that we are not present on the 15th due to a prior booking

23rd September

Collection of Peco prints in the afternoon

18th September (Aiden/Ann)

Colin Varndell on “A year in the Country”

2nd October (Julian/Brian)

Show and Tell – bring 3 images, print or PDI’s, on the theme: “Motion”

16th October (Phil/Barbara)

Bring 3 PDIs taken of one object in different interpretations;  bring the

item if it is portable.

23rd October (Ian/Barrie)

WCPF travelling exhibition. Dave to give ideas for montages.

Images to be produced for 19th February

30th October (Chris/Terry)

“White on White” a high key print. Potential WCPF submissions.

13th November (Don/Dave)

John Lees presentation “The End of the Reel”

27th November (Jeremy/John F)

Images from the deer sanctuary (or any theme) – 3 unmounted prints or PDIs;

  Peco theatre in the garden images;  WCPF developments.

11th December (John L/Mike)

End of year social;  bring 3 PDIs on a Christmas theme.

5th February, 2019 (Paul/Patricia)

Bring three prints to share and discuss. 

Possible feedback for those with WCPF in mind

19th February (Pam/Rachael)

Bring final WCPF entries for showing, discussion.

Bring 3 unmounted prints or PDIs of montages.

5th March (Aiden/Ann)

Bring 5 unmounted prints for the Axe Vale Show for critique.

19th March (Julian/Brian)

Bring 2 versions of a RAW/Jpeg image that had been sent to all members.

2nd April (Phil/Barbara)

Bring Thirkettle Cup prints for collection by the judge.

Macro images – bring 3 close ups for “Show and Tell”.

16th April (Ian/Barrie)

Bring 3 Chosen prints for final critique Axe Vale Show

30th April (Chris/Terry)

Thirkettle Cup Judge

14th May (Don/Dave)

Annual General Meeting


Outside shoots independent of meetings

See websites for details of dates and times

Show/tell = present your own work and have feedback from the group.Notes:

Share/discuss = mixed pictures handed round for detailed examination.

Please bring the specified number of pictures so that the “balance” is

right  (no hidden agenda – they can be all your own choice)

WCPF Exhibition = voluntary and optional entries from photographers

but it might be worth using  meetings for share/discuss

Tea/coffee duties – if you cannot be there for your shift please ask

someone to cover for you. First named = milk: second = biscuits!

If you make it you don’t pay for it.