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I strive for images that are graphic, simple and geometric. I like to think that observers are motivated to make sense of the geometry and imagine their own story line.
Whilst I appreciate the aesthetics of post camera manipulations, my objective is always to 'Get it Right First Time'. Interests are general with some bias towards Travel, Natural History and Steam Trains.
I started taking 'proper' photographs when I bought a patch of land to be kept as a conservation area some 30 years ago. That triggered my interest in natural history. I have an open mind these days and take a wider range of subjects.
Joined the Axminster Photographic Group in 2007 with the aim of developing my photography having just retired to Axminster.
Today I find that I always have my “iPhone” with me, this has taken over from my SLR (Olympus E400) and my Compact (Sony WX100). I also use Pixlr & Topaz software to edit (via iPad, iPhone & i Mac).
My first real venture into ‘Creative Photography’ was 40 years ago when I studied it as GCSE O-level and had darkroom access for monochrome printing. The digital world has since allowed me the freedom to capture images from initial conception through to a final print.
I was given my first camera in 1949 and have had the bug constantly ever since. I have embraced digital with joy as it makes getting my message across easier. I also like to break rules and would encourage new and experimental approaches. My photographic interests are mainly natural history, landscape, travel & geology but I will happily try anything.
My interests are in macro photography, landscape and some manipulation using software. In the macro field I take flowers, fossils and mechanical items, usually using a single light source and reflector. I was reluctant to adopt digital as I felt the quality of the image couldn't match that of a print. I now wish I had made the transition much earlier.
A happily retired traditional photographer, favourite subjects :-- Aircraft, Animals - wild and domestic and 'Painting with light '. A convert from Canon to Nikon enjoying relearning everything .
I enjoy a wide variety of photographic subjects, especially if they’re unconventional. Recently I’ve been working on my back catalogue of 35 mm negatives.
I have been a member of APG for over 4 years. Interested in Landscape and Seascape photography, I started as a real novice but have been encouraged by the group who are always keen to share their expertise. Because of this I think I have really developed my skills especially in using Photoshop and want to work on Macro and 'People' photography in an informal style.
Having embraced the fascinating new world of the digital image I still find it is the final printed image that is my preferred output. Work in colour now allows many interpretations and I strive to convey the atmosphere of a subject. I still find monochrome to be an expressive medium and enjoy its strong graphic quality.
I have been taking photographs for a long time and my camera is always with when I am out and about, enabling me to capture our beautiful countryside.
"I have always enjoyed travel. I strive, but rarely succeed, to capture what Laurence Durrell called 'The Spirit of Place'.
As a child, watching my uncle developing images in his darkroom, I began a life-long fascination with photography. Photography helps me see, helps me understand. To borrow a quote; "Stare, it is the way to educate your eyes.
Pry, listen, eavesdrop. Die knowing something. You are not here long."Walker Evans.
"I’ve been taking photographs since I was a child, photography for me is second nature, - informing how I see things and how I interpret them. The Dorset countryside tends to be my main subject, although I take my camera everywhere and focus on anything that catches my eye."
'I have recently bought a 600mm lens, and By Jove it's a heavy beast. So, once I've finished my body-building for duffers work-out course, you
can expect a lot more wildlife photographs from me.'
Photography’s compelling! Such a variety of images, each with its own story; telling or trivial, funny, sad, simple, complex, comforting or unsettling. They record world events or small detail, the true significance known only to one. You can be creative, share pictures, linger at beautiful locations or find that new take on a conventional subject and anyone can have a go!